• Pilot Lines and Laboratory Devices

    Pilot Lines and Laboratory Devices

  • Air Condition and Scrubber Units

    Air Condition and Scrubber Units


Design Mechanica manufactures high-quality nanofiber coating machines with its patented application unit. Design Mechanica's electrospinning technology gives you the fastest, precise and reliable industrial production for nanofiber coatings. Design Mechanica supplies full automatic production lines with all required sub-equipment for 7/24 running time.

Design Mechanica is available in every corner of the world. We have been going for years to offer you quality solutions by using advanced cutting-edge technologies. We create all custom machined designs that you need in Nanofiber Machines. Design Mechanica customers’ do not need to wait for their special requests. We produce them for you from the most practical and fastest recipes. Besides, you can save up to 59% on costs and reduce procurement time by 85% by employing Design Mechanica manufacturing services. We save your time and money, your business is valuable to us.

Our company supplies a complete range of services for custom machining, rapid prototyping and high volume production with a completely free Design Mechanica Service in its center. By cooperating with us, you are able to expand your business and make a difference in your market or industry. We are always at your service with our all-talented employees for all your requests and questions in just a few clicks.

Our People

Our team is the most important source of our success. Our future depends on what we accomplish today, in fast-changing employment landscape. Our people also force for creating creative and innovative machines for a smart world.

"Cutting edge technology and innovative industrial nanofiber equipment"