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We turn innovation into differentiation by putting software and automation systems and process in place to notice your dream at scale.

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Software Engineering

In today's market, your software should be created to integrate your business is.Not only customers do not need coherent code that plays well with right systems but also need specialized ability to move their visions into the future.

Our software engineering services also enable you with premise access to emerging technologies through our wide network of partners. In addition Design Mechanica supplies comprehensive integrated software engineering process, project management, creating software solutions tailored to your needs, application aevelopment and ıntegration.

Automation Engineering

Automation engineering can design, program, simulate and check automated machinery and processes, and are worked in industries that have plants, car manufacturing facilities or food processing plants and robots. Automation engineering is responsible for building detailed specific designs and other documents, expanding automation software based on specific requirements for complicated the process.

Our team will offer you all our experience, our knowledge of the automation industry and our contacts to supply you with an innovative solution which will exceed your expectations.