Nanofiber Machines

Design Mechanica has variety nanofiber machines in different volumes. The nanofiber systems are fibers which have very specific surface area, very thin diameter and big porosity. They can be reproduced, precise, scalable and highly homogeneous fibers and particles throughout the process.

Nanofibers can be manufactured from various polymers that could be applied as raw materials that are PVA, PS, PAN, collagen and so on. It consists predesigned structures in different types; ultrathin fibers, random nanofibers and solid objects. For this occasion, some processes are used electrospinning technologies such as electrospinning and melt-electrospinning.

Design Mechanica electrospinning technology is designed for production of the highest quality and efficiency. Nanofibers has a large selection of electrospinning machines that is producing ultrathin fiber 20-1000nm.

Nanofiber Machine

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Nanofiber Machine

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Nanofiber Machine

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Nanofiber Machine

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