Wet Scrubber

Design Mechanica produces a broad range of equipment such as dryers We will always regard your production targets and you will be pleased with our cooperation.Conveyor dryers are in loop that is working continuosly. Their looped belt does not need any stoppage time for loading or set-up; products can be placed on the belt at one end, move through the dryer and then removed at the other end. This process that has applications is very useful for many industries.

Though conveyor dryers typically use the belts themselves as drying surfaces, tit has other options. Some belts are equipped with hooks for parts that cannot touch in contact with a flat surface cause they need coating. The parts hang from the belt and are sprayed in the finish before entering the dryer. Most dryers made of a strong metal like stainless steel and rectangular shape.

We are able to provide drying systems to the printing, coating and laminating industries for paper, film materials processing. We manufacture all dryers in features you need.