Design Mechanica

Nanofiber Consultation

Innovating technologies are able to be time consuming and costly with unknown complementation project time. Nano science provides electrospinning research and formulation improvement services to design, develop, and create nanofiber products.

Nanofiber machines have many benefits like large surface area to volume ratio, wide diversity of polymers and material have been applied to nanofiber, easy to functionalize fiber, easy to entegrate material, easy to deposit fiber onto other materials and commercial usage. Our company has advanced technologies to manufacture electrospinning machines and to use nanofiber applications. Our experience and knowledge will assist to increase your business with our R&D. Our extensive consultation aims fully understanding your needs, providing material, solving problems and finding formula optimization.

Design Mechanica also enable onsite laboratory tours with one-on-one introduction to our equipment and scientists. Our technical team enables you many alternatives for consultation, including on-site work in our factory. We also give informations to our customers our experience of the capabilities we have and our services we provide. Our nanofiber consultation is available to service you all the time.