Design Mechanica

Technical Roller Design

Design Mechanica manufactures manifold rubber roller coverings, spreader rollers, hoses and sleeves for our customers needs. We strive to provide the best technical solutions for your special requirements. We use the functional roller in production, treatment and finishing for the metal industry.

Our products are produced to meet the mechanical and chemical requirements of customer requirements. Design Mechanica has many experiences for choosing the best possible material. We have abroad range of special and innovative polymer-based material solutions, e.g. CR, CSM, EPDM, FPM, NBR, NR, SBR, silicone and PU. Rollers with an elastic coating are applied in the producing and processing of paper. They are an integral part of the systems at every step of our manufacture.

Our Roller Types

  • Pickling rollers
  • Sink rollers
  • Squeeze rollers
  • Pressure rollers
  • Transport rollers
  • Sleeves for wind-off or pay-off reel
  • Draw and brake rollers
  • Pinch rollers
  • Guide rollers
  • Smoothing rollers