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Static Simulation

Static Simulation is a simulation model which has no internal history of both output and input values that were previously applied. It is a model that time is not a parameter. This type of simulation model usually includes functions that occured of inputs. Every output in this type of simulation assigns the values of the function and inputs. Static Simulation is run by setting parameters of the equations went by adding values of inputs. Than it asseses the data which will occur a set of results.

Dynamic Simulation

Dynamic simulation is a program that applies to model the time-varying transformations of a dynamical system. The systems are differential equations or partial differential equations. A simulation works to solve an equation system to determine the exploits of the state variables over a specified period of time.

The equation is solved through numerical integration methods to produce the transient behavior of the state variables. Simulation of dynamic systems calculates the values of model system state variables. Design Mechanica uses all these process to model the machines.

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